Saturday, December 22, 2007

New beginnings....

This must be the fourth or fifth time I've tried to start a blog, but with so many other aspects of the web to keep up with, I regularly fail to nurture the blogs that begin life with so much hope and light ahead of them. The blog, for me, is a plant that I never water - a nice car that sits in the front lawn and rusts away in uselessness.

And that is just too sad.

So I've decided to change things. I have a fresh perspective on blogging due to the fact that my sister, Shannon, has recently put together a whopper of a blog complete with photos, witty quotes, and of course, that brand of whimsical, classy design that Shannon brings to any project she works on. Also, my best friend, Justin, has started a blog with his wife. They live in Australia and for them, the only contact with their family in the motherland (USA... not Russia) is through the miracle of the world wide webternet... or whatever they're calling it nowadays.

So I blaze forth, with the power of electric energy coursing through (or at least under) my fingers; riding on the wings of my dreams into a new land - one where blogs are never neglected, but instead perched proudly on the shoulders of their owners and nurtured to growth in a bright and glorious future.

May you all be well, Comrades!


(Disclaimer: Any similarity to communist propaganda is entirely coincidental and reflects entirely on nothing remotely related to the political views, and/or language preferences of the owner of this blog.) :)