Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter Smoke

I took this picture while driving home the other day and I thought it turned out really nice, so I thought I'd post it here! Taking pictures while driving is somewhat dangerous and requires a level of situational awareness that most drivers lack - especially when using an SLR camera, as it requires much more effort than a normal point and shoot. However, taking pictures while driving is a lot of fun because you're never entirely sure of what you're going to capture. The landscape changes drastically from one second to the next when you're driving 75 miles per hour. I'll admit that a certain degree of luck went into the composition of these pictures; but in all fairness I did have the sense to see a good picture.

I've decided that I need to be posting more pictures on here. So... enjoy. :)

This picture was taken where some sort of industrial building spewed forth copious amounts of steam from it's enormous, ghostly stovepipes.

This is Mount Timpanogos and the accompanying peaks and valleys that run along with it on the Wasatch Front.

I took this one as the last rays of the sun warmed the tip of Lone Peak. I love the mountains here in Utah.

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  1. Barry you take such great pictures! I can't wait for the snow to melt and go on hikes with you this summer, and take some really cool pictures!