Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Stale Life...

Stale. The word evokes memories of biting into that cracker that wasn't quite crispy, nor quite chewy, but somewhere in between. It's gross. Little kids spit stale out. Adults smile and pretend it's okay, but secretly push the mass of nastiness into a napkin as they wipe their mouths. Nothing stale is ever good. It represents a lack of progress - a process wherein spark and spice fade quietly into the darkness of a pine cupboard.

Can life get stale? You bet your butt it can.

When a child sees life getting stale, they tap into their little resources of creativity and imagination to make things better. I think that as adults, however, we're more prone to accepting a stale life. We look for patterns, habits, and methods to bring familiarity and order to our lives. While it is necessary to organize our time as responsibilities grow, it is equally important to throw some spontaneity into the daily grind to keep things from becoming too monotonous.

Anyway, I wanted to get feedback on what you all do to keep life spicy. I have my ways of keeping myself on my toes (eating at that place I've never eaten, listening to new music, etc.) Now tell me what you do. :)



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  1. I liked this post. I feel the same way about having a bit of a stale life sometimes! I was thinking about what I do to spice things up! I like doing creative things or making something new. Or like you said, I like to visit new restaurants or find cool, little stores.