Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogging: This Generation's Soap Opera?

I would be willing to bet serious money that more stay-at-home mom's now have forgone soap operas for their list of favorite blogs. I for one have never cared for soap operas. I don't think most (straight) guys do. And, therefore, I feel safe making the generalization that this blog applies more to women than it does to men.

I don't assume that only women are interested in blogging and reading blogs. In fact, there are a million blogs out there dedicated to gadgetry, nerd-dom, and the like; all of which tend to attract the male crowd in mass quantities.

I'm just saying I think blogging and soap operas have some key similarities. I'd even say that blogging is better than a soap opera.

Consider the following:

1) Blogging is real. People write about their ACTUAL lives, which, as it turns out, happen to be just as interesting as all the smarmy bull crap written for t.v.

2) You can read them whenever you want. You are no longer a slave to corporate television programming.

3) Sometimes they are updated multiple times daily, meaning if you're truly addicted, you can get your hit more often than a "Days of our Lives" addict gets theirs.

4) You can create your own Soap Opera by starting your own blog. Generally speaking you'll find at least a handful of people willing to read about your mildly interesting existence.

I'd say there is a pretty strong argument for the blog being the soap opera of the Web 2.0 generation.

What do you think?


  1. how dare you pluralize with an apostrophe!

  2. Yes, Zaida, it's my Achilles heel. I am awful with apostrophes.

  3. Hey Barry, I found your blog through Nick's. I used to live by you, not sure if you remember me but I won't feel all that upset if you don't. (excuse me a second...there must be something in my eye...)
    In answer to your question... I don't know any stay at home moms that watch soap operas anymore. I actually don't know who is watching them. I think it is all the baby boomer generation hanging onto their younger years by tuning in each day. I know a crap load of moms that watch Oprah,however.(Yep, I'll admit I am one of those).
    I think blogging for stay at home moms is taking the place of talking on the phone until your ears are all hot and sweaty and in pain. In my life, blogging has freed me from the twisted cord of the phone and all the trivial information and allowed me to get down to business and really find out what is going on! And I am all for cutting corners.
    But you are right in that blogging and soap operas have their similarities. I must admit my life can feel a bit melodramatic at times. And it is pretty nice writing your life as you see it.
    Now tell me, do I get the award for worlds longest comment?

  4. YES! You win, Melanie! I most certainly do remember you and your husband. Thanks for reading! And, most of all, thanks for posting! :) You have no idea how happy I am to get posts from newcomers!

  5. I also want to point out that since most stay-at-home mom blogs revolve around their children, you can assume they think the people in the blog are better looking and more interesting to watch than soap opera stars. I many of them look cute in a diaper? Do we laugh when they have food stuck in their hair? Or are we entertained when they babble incoherently? I say NAY!