Sunday, May 4, 2008

The day I found the OTHER one...

Have you ever googled your name to see what would come up? I do it from time to time to see what kind of mark I'm making on the world, where I've popped up on the world wide net, and such. Thus far, I've only been mentioned in some race results from my high school cross country days, and in a description for the meatloaf video that my sister, my cousin, and I made. It's not a very promising outlook as far as world-wide recognition goes, but that means nothing to me... unless I can somehow market my name for huge piles of money.

So, tonight as I'm looking myself up, I see this:

You'll need to click on the picture to view it at full resolution, but LOOK! It's like me, but from an alternate universe! "Barry Cann. Friends with Bobby Henson and Elaine Oswald."

Isn't that just weird!? It's like something out of the twilight zone! Yeah, a guy would see this profile, and pretty soon he'd realize that this other person with his exact same name is taking over his life, and all of his friends and family start disappearing into the alternate dimension where Barry Cann is a midle aged man with 5 friends until at the end of the episode the guy just fades out of existence. AGGHH! I'm doomed!

Or maybe not. I decided to add him to my friends, anyway.


P.S. Is this CREEPY or what?

What the eff is that about? : (


  1. Lol- that is creepy! And your friend Travis Chilvers is one sorry looking dude!

  2. Creepy indeed! I think I googled myself once before, but the only thing that came up was information on some semi-famous actress from England. Apparently I haven't done much to warrant any attention on the 'interwebs'. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I'm leaning towards the former as opposed to the latter. It is good to see that you're blogging posthumously though! heh