Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones....

...and the worst sequel of the series.

That's what the movie should be called. I saw the latest Harrison Ford flick today and was less than impressed. The entire movie stank of ridiculous stunts and poor plot development. Mr. Ford was stale - lacking that all important glimmer of confident swagger he exuded in the earlier movies. He's lost the spark as far as I'm concerned, and because of it the movie faltered. The real problems go much deeper than Harrison, however. There is little to no character development between the crazy action scenes. It's like the creators of the movie decided what amazing things they wanted to do with the action sequences and then wrote filler later on as they gorged themselves with beer and pizza. I really don't like that Hollywood thinks it can churn out a can of crap with a fancy, pretty sticker on it and sell it to us for a higher price than the quality stuff they used to make. Speilberg's ego was certainly a size too big for this movie. I get the feeling he was so obsessed with the idea that everyone would love the movie and overlooked the crucial elements of great film-making that were so wonderfully apparent in his earlier movies.


If you really want to see this movie, rent it when it comes out. If you must see it in the theater, go to the dollar theater, or have somebody pay your way. It's just not that good.

Now excuse me while I wash the bad taste out of my mouth with some Raider's of the Lost Ark. :)


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  1. If you want to view something interesting go to youtube and look up the Raiders of the Lost Ark trailer. It sucks. There is no CG and the trailer doesn't get you excited for the movie at all. But the movie it represented was so good. Now look at the trailer for the latest Indiana Jones and not a moment passes without some sort of CG and the movie it represents suck (at least from EVERY person I have talked to). Sad...simply sad.