Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mexico: Capitulo Dos!

As I promised a few nights ago, here are the pictures from my camera. Together with the pictures from the previous post, you get a better picture of what the resort was like. Sadly, I have no pictures of the beach, but trust me when I say it was stunning!

Two random Mexican guys walking down the side of the freeway.

Yes. That's Bimbo bread.

My eyes are closed. I don't know why.

Nice little shot of the lobby flowers.

Cool sculptures.

A storm was a brewin. Isn't the resort beautiful?

Just me and a fountain. : )

We decided to play some ping pong, so I figured I'd get some pictures. I love that the ping pong ball is perfectly frozen in time here.

And I love Dad's expression here. That man was out for blood!

I was a bit more casual.

This was the tiki hut in which we waited for the train. It's all very exciting stuff.

Lounging near the stores where they charge 30 bucks for a bottle of sunscreen. No lie.

This is a rare shot of dad playing miniature golf in the jungle. I say rare because when he realized he was being eaten alive by mosquitoes, he fled like a man on fire - waving and hollering at the invisible flames (mosquitoes) engulfing his body.

These lizards were AMAZING! They'd get up on two legs and run away when threatened, not unlike little velociraptors. : )

Seriously concentrating.

Here Mom carefully studies the green. We had a great time despite the mosquitoes.

Just an awesome cloud from the window of the plane.

Doesn't the ocean look amazing here? Also taken from the plane.

I took this as we were landing. I had to adjust because the picture was really washed out.


  1. Two things I learned from this post: #1 Take your camera on the plane for some sweet shots.
    #2 Your dad takes his ping pong very seriously.

  2. Sweet pics Barry! And the captions make them even better!

  3. Don looks like he is ready to eat Tyler during that game. That mad me laugh so hard.

  4. There now, I've just taken a mini vacation. Thanks Bar!

  5. I had no idea you had a blog! I'm on Justin's work computer and saw your blog address in his history bar. He never told me! Anyway, your pictures are awesome!!

  6. Thank you all for your comments! You've just MADE my Friday afternoon! :)