Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mexico! From Dad's Camera

Mexico was GREAT! However, I rarely had a chance to capture it from the lens of my own beautiful camera. The humidity down there caused my d40 to fog up for an hour anytime I brought it outside. So, the following pictures are from Dad's camera. Tomorrow I'll post what few I did take with my own.

Till then, enjoy!

Oh, and yes, I did create that introductory picture. : )

Eating at the buffet, which was really nothing amazing. It was good... but not as good as the food on a cruise.

I was so happy to see my guardian angel.

This one needs a little explaining. Our door stopped working the second night we were there, so I took a picture with Dad and the door. I thought he'd look more angry or sad or something. Instead, he looks like a foreign man who's never seen an electronic hotel door handle.

Mini golf was fun. I had to reach into a little mucky pond to rescue one of the balls, but I figure when you're playing on a course in the jungles of the Yucatan, you have to be prepared to make such sacrifices.

These claws held a wonderful bounty of luscious crab meat. Oh man, they were delicious.

I don't think I was originally meant to be in this picture, but I leaned anyway.

Huh. The Iguana. Yeah, "Huh" is the Mayan word for Iguana, so every time we saw one of these healthy beasts we'd all say, in a trance-like unison, "Huh. The iguana." We stopped after people started staring.

I LOVE this picture. : )

I don't look happy here, but I was really smiling. I promise! I was so content! I think I'm half smiling and half squinting into the sun. Or something. Oh yeah. That lady in the corner? I was paying her to pick up seashells for me.

Not really.

It could have been a really nice picture, had the people shooting been a little more photo-savvy.

I love Ty's thumbs-up here. And I guess I'm bustin a move.

So tomorrow I promise more pictures - the ones from my camera. Adios!



  1. Barry that looks like so much fun! I love your captions for all the pictures! We all need to go on a cruise!

  2. Good pics Barry, I'm having lunch with Mom tomorrow to get all the details!

  3. I do like the move you're bustin' in the last pic. And those iguanas are awesome and everywhere (at least in the part of Mexico that I have been to). It looks like the pre-tanning worked out for you. No burns, right? Your comments are hilarious.

  4. Wow, sounds like your camera is pretty racist Barry. Not working in Mexico... come now camera.

  5. Love the picture of you bustin a move. Them are some serious moves.