Monday, June 9, 2008

Steve Got Married!

Wow. This past weekend was just great! My little brother, Steve, was married! Ashlyn, his wife, is an amazing girl and will make a great wife. It's always a good sign when you like the girl your brother marries. I'm really excited for them. Anyway, in typical Barry fashion I took a million pictures, so here they are for you to enjoy! :) Many of them already appear on my sister's blog - Design Gal and Her Handyman - so if you've read her blog, they'll seem a bit redundant. She's so much better at blogging than me! Always on top of things!

Anyway, without further delay, the pictures...

It's always so wonderful to have family around. Weddings are really great for that. : )



  1. barry you are fantastic. i love all your photos! they make me super happy! :-D also, you look good in your suit that you are wearing. way to be a stud.

  2. The pics are great! Like I asked of Shan, when did Tye get all grown-up? He is a combo of you and Steve. Perhaps next summer the pics will be of you?!

  3. Bar, you're a GREAT photographer! We should talk about going into the wedding business- me as the planner & you as the photographer...seriously!