Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've found the answer to my post below. It lies in this blog:

Damn, I wish I could write like that guy.

But seriously, after reading my post below, and then this guys review of the movie, you'll see that what I thought I was missing was simply the purpose of the movie. It's brilliant. And it makes sooo much sense now. :)

I'm happy, and so I now go to sleep.



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  1. Saw the movie, LOVED the Joker! Very interesting character, just doing his part to keep the balance of good and evil in order.
    Got a kick out of the "surveillance/privacy" bit, very timely and I'm sure, deliberate. Thought it was too long, some of the "action" sequences too long. Thought Maggie Gillenhall was excellent in the part. Hope TwoFace isnt really dead, he needs to come back! Actually enjoyed the bank heist with all the crooks taking each other out in succession until finally, only the Joker remained..I KNEW it!! "No Honor Among Thieves", of course, disproven by honorable convict... saw that coming. I liked it, didnt LOVE it.