Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Deep V

Tonight, while on facebook, I saw this ad you now see to the left. (Take a moment to view the ad... then continue)

All I could think was "The Deep V - Guaranteed to make a man look gay!" I mean, WHAT THE CRAP!? Look at that dude! He almost looks like a chick! ... a chick with a beard!

Dude's thoughts: "Man, I wish I had chest hair. This deep v would really show it off. Oh well. I'm still so bad in a new-age, indie, rebellious, gay sort of way."

And why do the models in these ads always look like emaciated Hungarian prisoners of war? Is that look in?


Besides that, Sunday was really great. :)



  1. I've noticed v-neck tshirts are in. All the hippest looking men, in the International Flights line at the airport, had them on.And they were worn with very expensive jeans and either sandals or the kind of cool Nikes that you only see on really "hip" people. You can't buy them at Mervyn's. But the "v" in the ad was WAY too low!!I think those could only be worn, in good concience, by European men, probably Hungarians.

  2. That is hilarious.... and really disgusting.... and rather repulsive.

  3. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  4. I've noticed this too....and yes, mostly with men of questionable preference. Did you ever watch Big Brother 9? There was a guy on there that ALWAYS had on a gray deep v and it made me shiver with the puke chills....

  5. I'm not convinced a gay man would wear a v-neck like that. Those suckers are ugly.