Thursday, July 10, 2008


I found a bottle of extremely potent hot sauce in my cupboard the other day. It's called "357" - a reference to it's scoville units, which amount to 357,000. By comparison, a jalapeno pepper amounts to a mild 8,000 scoville units. After reading the warning label, I decided to face the beastly culinary torture caged within the handy little bottle. I made a quesadilla (curse you if you just pronounced that "kay-suh-dill-uh") with plenty of mozerella cheese, and some chicken. Then, I carefully (emphasis on CAREFULLY) let ONE DROP of the hellish liquid fall onto the bed of gooey deliciousness below. Using a knife, I spread it around the entire surface area of the cheese, figuring this would dilute it nicely and give it a healthy kick without making me want to cut my tongue out.

First bite: "Mmm... not bad. It definitely adds a little kick."
Second bite: "Wow... yeah, thats... "

And then my mouth turned into a bed of coals.

I finished the quesadilla without tasting a single bite after that second one. And now I'm eating popsicles.

The warning label. Click on it for a larger version. You need to read this.



  1. My philosophy: If it hurts going in, it's gonna hurt even worse coming out! You are brave my friend!

    Taste like...BURNING!!!

  2. oh Barry....You coulda burnt your eye out!!