Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Heart Magazines

It all started a few years back when I got Sports Illustrated and ESPN, the Magazine for free. I'm not even sure why they started coming. I assume that I signed up for something, but I was never charged and never heckled to renew these ghosts of the periodicals. They just showed up at my door every month and I happily read them. Some issues were lame (like baseball and hockey crap) while others were priceless tomes of data, filled to the brim with the latest college football predictions and NBA forecasts. I kept all of the magazines for the possible future use in a collage. Old magazines are, in that sense, the antithesis of the butterfly. Instead of beginning their lives ugly, and metamorphosing into something beautiful, they begin with shining, smooth leaves of print that eventually turn into the jumbled, mish-mash of collage.

Today, I subscribe to PC Magazine and Wired Magazine - two magazines that might as well join forces to become "Nerd Monthly." I love them, though. There's something comforting in the knowledge that after 5 minutes or so in the bathroom, I can come out with an improved knowledge of multi-core processors and future spy technologies. My love (and obsession) for technology probably rivals the love most women have for fashion and design, and the love that some men profess for a fine, Cuban cigar. I don't smoke, and I'm not gay, so for me technology prevails. : ) I don't see myself subscribing to any more magazines in the future, though, not because of lack of interest, but because I wouldn't find the time to read any more than two a month. Also, I have the internet, which pretty much beats the hell out of any magazine out there as far as information goes.

But enough about MY magazine tastes! I want to know what YOU read. Please. Humor me.



  1. i subscribe, without fail, to the national geographic. i always pretend i'm going to read the articles but really, i just look at the pictures. sometimes i read the mini blurbs the authors write about how cool it was to write their article. these tend to be about a paragraph long and seem to suffice.

    so good though. and a subscription comes with a membership in the national geographic society. i proudly display my certificate on our cork board.

  2. I love design magazines (of course) like Cottage Living. However I have a secret love for gossip mags- People, Star, US,'s my guilty pleasure!

    Anytime I go on a business trip, I always buy a few to keep me busy on the plane! I probably should just buy a book!

  3. I used to live for the day that the mailman would deliver the latest issue of Country Home, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens ans Cottage Living. I was a magazine junky! Then came the world of blogging, 3 months of back issues are just gathering dust. I get all I need right here.

  4. I barely have time to read the couple of decorating mags I get nowadays but I love to read your Wired when it gets here. I feel it has greatly added to my "hipness" quotient. Back in the day, when I was a SAHM, I used to devour my Women's Exponent! It was a feminist Mo quarterly that made me feel less of a square peg. It was illustrated and written by subscribers and I still have them lovingly stored.