Monday, August 25, 2008

The Fire!

When I drove home from work today, south mountain was on fire. I literally swerved my car into oncoming traffic in disgust! Who started this fire!? Why would they destroy the beautiful mountains that greeted me every morning when I went to work? Why would they burn the lush, nature-filled hills that I had hiked up so many times on random day hikes? Those hills were chock-full of little animals! What would they do? These and other thoughts coursed through my head as fast as the cars swerved around me. I could tell the other drivers were angry, but I'm sure they understood my intentions.

Anyway, when I got home I scrambled up onto the roof of my parent's house and shot some pictures. Behold, the glory of south mountain... burned in a day! *gasp*

No really... the air is so bad it leaves you gasping.



  1. Hey I did a blog on the same thing! Good pictures too. Shame really- I thought about climbing Lone Peak in a week or so.

  2. I heard about the fire last night on the news. I didn't hear whether or not the fire was human caused, though.

    It's always sad to see the destruction a fire can cause. However, fires have this uncanny ability to actually improve the land. It gets rid of old growth and fertilizes the land creating prime conditions for more lush plantlife and wildlife. In fact, we have seen more problems due to wildfire suppression.

    I'm glad that the homes up there are okay, though. It's always heart breaking to see something that someone has invested so much time and money into go up in flames.

  3. I know... it was really sad to watch it go and go and go and keep getting worse. Our entire house is filled with the depressing smell of smoke.
    my kids keep asking me why someone would do it.
    I keep telling them it was not someone. It was a GIANT IDIOT.

  4. Haha! A giant idiot! I love it!