Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Brush with Greatness

So, the other night I was helping my best friend, Justin, and his wife, Kat, pick up some furniture for their new house. I drove with Eric, Justin's dad, from house to house and helped load a washer, dryer, a table, four large bar stools, two couches, a bench, a few mirrors, a lazy-boy style recliner, and as the finale to all muscle straining beasts, a large, leather sectional. (Good crimany... how many comments did that sentence have??)

The sectional, though, was owned by a musician. Or, this is what the wife of the musician told Kat when she called about buying it from the classified ads. We all figured the kid studied music at BYU, or perhaps was a dealer of some shady substance and used the "musician" thing as a cover. I mean, heck, who doesn't like playing a little music while getting high?

(Of course I'm kidding. I've only ever been high once and that was due to the woodstock-esque quantities of marijuana being smoked in front of me at an Aerosmith concert. In fact, it wasn't even high... more around a soft buzz.)

Anyway, we pull up to the house and this guy answers the door and instananeously, in my mind, I think, "5 Browns." Yeah. Just that fast I recognized this kid as one of the 5 sibling bandmembers of a piano quintet called "The 5 Browns." If you've never heard of them, they're stunning. I think they've been #1 on the billboard classical list for quite some time now. You can check them out here:

Anyway, Justin had his iPhone with him and took a picture of Kat and Ryan, the owner of the sectional, and youngest of the five.

I thought about asking for a picture with him as well, but didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable or anything. After the picture, though, he played for us on his beautiful Steinway piano. I don't know what it was, but he played it remarkably well.

So yeah... that was pretty cool.



  1. Are you SERIOUS? I would have died! Steinway.....I think this is the first post of yours that has made me drool. Lucky dog!

  2. Actually, you have 16 commAS. I have left you 1 commENT.I want to say something snarky about the Brown kid....but I won't. I'm nice:-}

  3. Oh my goodness, I almost never buy myself a new CD, but I may buy this one. I have heard of them but thought , to myself, hmmm, Utah County, siblings, music, must be Osmondesce. My mind has been changed. And Barry, I am the Queen of The Comma.

  4. Yeah, that was pretty awesome! We freaking rock!!