Monday, September 22, 2008


I can't believe this. I laughed so hard at it and yet I feel so bad for these people. Their minds are SO warped!

Come on, now. Environmentalists are one thing...

... but tree mourners?

Favorite line of the whole thing is the primal scream the hippie girl lets out at the very end. (he he



  1. Was that Carrot Top at the end??.. maybe his sister.I must say I am pissed off about the amount of trees we have been losing here in Sandy. No joke! Have you noticed all the trees downed around SouthTown, 106,000 South? That's not xeriscaping!Plant a tree!!

  2. Yeah...uhm...that's freaky. I love trees and all, but that's absurd.

  3. WHA........??? the line between sane and insane is a very tiny thin line.

  4. I think that mourning the loss of every tree is a perfectly reasonable way to spend your time.

    I mean, who wouldn't want to go to a forest with a bunch of drugged up people who obviously had no friends in junior high because they were too busy drawing wicca signs on their hands with calligraphy pens, and then scream into the nothingness about the natural cycle of life and death that occurs in a forest that they don't live in and probably have polluted anyway with their nature valley granola bar wrappers?

    Ahhh, that sounds like a blissful way to spend an afternoon to me.

  5. And your mind isn't warped you freaky mormons!

  6. :) I guess "warped" is in the eye of the beholder. To be fair, these people just really passionately love nature.

  7. Well good for you for taking that in stride and not being snarky back. :) Maybe we are all warped.