Thursday, November 6, 2008

Colbert is Hilarious

Oh man... this is funny. If you've never seen these fake interviews before, you've gotta check out Steve Colbert's site at




  1. Steven Colbert is my hero! His show and Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" are two of my favorites!

    If you haven't read his book "I Am America and So Can You", you really should. It's hilarious.

  2. This was HILARIOUS!


  3. That was funny. So, sad story. Until about five months ago, I didn't know who Steve Colbert was, and one of my friends kept sending pictures of him in my e-mail, and I honestly thought he was the Full House dad. :D

  4. Mimi, that's hilarious!

    Sadly, the guy that plays the full house dad, Bob Saget, is extremely vulgar in his stand up. It's ironic that he is seen as such a nice guy to so many for his mild role as the dad in Full House.