Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Good Lesson to Learn

BYU lost tonight. It wasn't even close. On the coat-tails of Max Hall's five interceptions and one fumble, the Utes rode into their second BCS busting season. That's okay, though. I'm at peace with the loss. In my opinion, the team played wonderfully except for one poor guy that will forever be known as the scapegoat of this game. Max Hall will have a hard time, I think, getting over this one. It was a complete meltdown - something the likes of which you rarely see in any sport. I feel bad for the guy.

I'm good, though. I've decided that when life hands me a win, I will enjoy it to the last drop. I will savor the great times. Likewise, when life hands me a loss, I will remember that there is no sadness, no disappointment, no broken heart in that moment unless I allow that moment to be sad, disappointing, or heartbreaking. In doing this, I empower myself to enjoy the good things in life, and brush off the bad.

There's always next year. And with a bowl win the Cougars will go 11-2 for the year, which is a very good season. : )



  1. Yeah, poor Max Hall. He's a better QB than that. So sad.

    It was fun watching the Utes tear down their own goal post, though. :)

  2. oh wise one, truer words were never spoken! I was proud of you tonight.

  3. And don't forget this fun fact... BYU will get a lot more money by sending the Utes to a BCS game than they would have by preventing them from going. So it may not be a 'W' on the schedule, but it's certainly a win in terms of dollars.