Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tonight's Advice

1) Always wear gloves when raking, no matter how well you think your hands might stand up to the rigors of yard work. That fleshy part between your thumb and forefinger is very likely to get blistered if you deny the protection of a glove.

2) Be especially mindful of a sunset when it is overcast or partly cloudy outside, as such weather conditions are likely to bring a more dramatic ending to the day. See the picture below for an example of this.

3) If there are flowers in the house, shoot them. With your camera.



  1. THat is a great picture Bar! Did you take that in my old bedroom?

  2. Out of ALL the gorgeous flowers in that bouquet, you chose the most simple, little, yellow flower...hmmm. I guess there's no accounting for taste ; )