Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Every once in awhile there comes along a movie that will, no matter your defenses, make you cry. Even the most stoic, hardened, steel-hearted person in the world would feel, at some point in the movie, a swelling in the throat - one that says, "I know you're bad @$$, man. But this stuff is touching."

For me, a man comfortable with his sensitive side (take note, single ladies) there were at least four or five times throughout the movie where that lump inevitably rose in the back of my throat. There were two occasions in which my eyes misted a little. And there was one occasion in the end of the movie where the tears, despite my nearly super-human effort to dam them, flowed freely.

Some said, in reviews I had read before the movie, that the film was too long, but I thought the pace was actually very well timed. Some scenes could have lasted a few minutes less, and the movie may have been 20 minutes shorter had that been the case, but the quality of the art direction, engages you immediately and serves to capture your complete attention and pull you into the film in a way that only a really good movie does.

One of the more entertaining virtues of the film is in watching Benjamin Button age in reverse throughout the movie. The CGI was noticeable on only a few occasions and even then was very slightly distracting. And as Benjamin grows younger (even younger than the current Brad Pitt is) the makeup and/or CGI effects are flawless! He really looks like a teenage Brad Pitt. It's almost creepy!

All in all, the movie was one of the top three for me this year, with "The Dark Knight" and "Wall.E" rounding out the list. It's an extraordinary film and so different from anything you've ever seen. It might be compared to Forrest Gump, in that it's a life story of a character that leads a very unique life, but the comparison doesn't do this movie justice. Go see it and you'll see what I mean. Oh, and Kate Blanchett is hot. That's all.



  1. I can't wait to go see this movie! I'm glad to hear that you really enjoyed it...and if it made you mist up a little...I'm definitely going to bawl my freakin' eyes out! I'm such a baby...

    "The Dark Knight" and "Wall-E" were two of my favorite movies this year, too! They were both very different, but very wonderful in their own ways!

  2. okay... hate to be a debbie downer but i did NOT like this movie!! I read your review and was like all raring to go and love it, but sadly, did not. I get that the cg were amazing and that the actress that played pitt's mom was worthy of any oscar nods that may come her way, but the rest of the movie? well it just felt flat and lacked the depth and emotion I was expecting. I am also well aware that I am the only person on the planet that feels this way apparently too. But I would give it a solid C.
    I am curious... did you see Australia despite all the luke warm reviews? and if so, what did you think of it?

  3. Melanie, you're no debbie downer for saying that you don't like the movie! I don't expect everyone to have the same taste in movies that I have. I have many friends who thought the movie was too long, or thought that the only notable qualities of the movie were the effects and some acting. What I love about movies is that no movie appeals to everyone. It's all a matter of tastes.