Monday, December 1, 2008


I was perusing the internet today and saw this ad:

Ya know what the first thing I noticed was? Well, besides the sweet decor on the wall in the background, the first thing I saw was the scar on her left elbow.

Why is it in there? You know that could have very easily been removed from the picture, but for some reason it was chosen to stay, or perhaps simply overlooked. I like to think that the girl in the yellow shirt is a strong, confident person in real life. And that she insisted that the scar remain because it makes her unique - setting her apart from the masses of "perfect" models out there.

The scar compliments her intense stare to create a sense of rugged bravado that you don't often see in t-shirt models. It says, "You mess with me and you'll end up like the bear that gave me this scar..." And you never learn what happened to the bear, but you don't have to. She's wearing an awesome tee. She's got a scar. And she's Indian. You don't mess with that.

Model on, young bear wrestler. Model on.



  1. I thought you were going to compare your scar, you know, the one on YOUR elbow from the bear atack. Oh wait, I meant BAR attack, the monkey bars at Crescent Elementary.