Monday, January 12, 2009

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On another note, as I was driving on the interstate today (said in my best British accent) I made an observation. I drive 99 percent of the time at 75 miles per hour. In fact, it's kind of a little obsession of mine that when I'm on the freeway, I am at 75mph as often as possible. Obviously, there are some discrepancies - such as entering and exiting the freeway, and when traffic is slow for congestion / weather / rampaging monsters. But other than that it's smooth sailing.

Recently, I've noticed that my consistent... nay, dare I say... perfect speed control is not conducive to what other drivers do. I've illustrated this point with a series of pictures. Observe.

I start between two cars. We're all traveling at equal speed. 75mph.

We come to a hill. I continue at 75mph because that's my style. The two others, however, slow down considerably. Naturally, I began to tailgate the car in front of me. This angers him greatly.

Little man gets over to allow me to pass him, and I do make some ground on him, but soon the hill has flattened. I'm still traveling at 75mph, but to him it seems I've slowed down. He thinks I'm playing road games. In his rage he speeds past me.

We begin to descend the hill. I lay off the gas a little to keep at 75mph. However, big man keeps his pedal where it was. To him, it's seems I've slowed down. He begins to tailgate me, but I do not get over. If I allow him to get in front of me, he'll likely slow way down on the next hill, just as he did before. So I continue at 75mph. Meanwhile, little man zooms ahead.

Surely enough, when we hit flat ground, Big man falls behind till he realizes he has slowed down and regulates his speed to match mine. Little man also slows down till he realizes that I'm coming up behind him and then regulates his speed to match mine. Both are very angry. I have done nothing wrong, however. My speed, the entire time, has been 75mph.

This is all part of my new children's book, "Driving Just Right: You, Too, Can Be Perfect!"

: )



  1. ahahaha, more of this , please!

  2. You really should have an entire series of children's books on how to be perfect in all areas of life. In fact, every time London misbehaves I ask her, "Now, what would Barry do?"

  3. Thank you all for your comments! You've inspired me to set aside one day during the week on which I will post an illustrated experience.

    I'm sure you'll love em.