Thursday, January 15, 2009

Night Photography Minus Tripod Equals Fun?

I decided to head up to campus last night to take some pictures. My roommate, Scott, came along to see what wonders night photography could produce.

It was really cold - not a good night for holding a camera. We did get some fun pictures, though.

Check it out.



  1. dude, i love your photography. i think it's so awesome. thanks for sharing all your fun pictures!!

  2. Dang it all! I wish I coulda come! I'll definitely join you next time. Great pics, Bar.

  3. Those are really amazing pictures.

    I know you don't know me and that's random but I love photography too. So I thought I would let you know lol

  4. Thanks for your post, Sammi! It always fun to see new faces on here, so you're always welcome!

    I'll be sure to post more photography. Be sure to check back often!

  5. I most definately will =]

    I will have to put some of my photography pictures up or something.