Friday, January 16, 2009

Slowly But Surely

Today I thought I'd whip out the ol' Wacom drawing pad again with the hopes of improving my artistic skills. I've learned that these skills, much like our bodies, grow slow and awkward without constant exercise. And as exciting as it is to create something that shows improvement, it's equally frustrating to see how slow that improvement develops.

I wanted to utilize the few tips and skills I picked up last week while working on this. Only today I did not follow a tutorial, nor did I look at a picture from which to base my drawing. I wanted to take the training wheels off of my newfound skills and see what I could do. As you'll see below, it was a bumpy ride. I crashed a few times, but eventually ended up with something I can say I'm proud to have created. :)
It's not really supposed to be anybody, but if you think it looks like somebody you're welcome to say in your head, "Oh, that is TOTALLY so-and-so!"



  1. I want one of those drawing pads so badly! I'm jealous of your computer art skills. I'm handly with an old school paper sketchpad and a pencil, but I haven't had much practice with digital art.

  2. ...and by "handly" I mean handy. :P