Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sundance - In a Nutshell

Last night we drove up to Park City to check out the waning moments of the Sundance Film Festival. We didn't see any movies, because the tickets were long past sold, and we didn't hit any of the clubs because a) we don't drink, and b) the bands we heard playing inside weren't worth the 10 or 25 dollar cover charge. We had a great time, though, strolling up and down the frosty sidewalks of Main Street, always keeping a casual eye out for a celebrity.

We got some hot chocolate and a less-than-tasty pecan bar and soaked in the feeling of a small town in Utah momentarily lit up with the excitement and indifference of Hollywood. Whilst observing the denizens of this star-struck hamlet, I came to the following conclusion: at the Sundance Film Festival, there are famous people and there are people who want to look famous. Consider the following illustration:

The poser dresses in his finest threads and proudly displays his id badge like a geriatric millionaire showing off his trophy wife. He wants to stand out. He realizes that he is utterly unknown to the world but that for one week in a Utah winter people will whisper about him, deciding whether or not to ask for his autograph. His badge? It likely came from Dad, who likely works as an assistant to the assistant of the lighting director for one of the 'less-known' movies in town.

The actor (or celebrity), on the other hand, tucks his id badge safely under his hooded sweatshirt. He doesn't need the admiration of the world. He already has it. So, rather than draw more attention to himself with the latest Prada and Gucci, he wears clothing that hides his Hollywood features. He grows a beard. He carefully avoids any grooming for the three or four weeks prior to the festival. This all comes together to make him look like the unibomber. He won't hurt you, though. Just don't ask him for his autograph.



  1. Thanks a lot. =]
    Today was a lot better thats for sure.
    Just a moment of weakness I guess.

    And this... is very true.
    I enjoyed reading it. =]