Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrubbin' Away!

Last night Scott and I were watching the History Channel. We'd just finished working out and were stretching when Kevin, another roommate of ours, ran in to the front room. He'd come from the bathroom and was carrying a small, silver scrub brush - the brush we've always used TO CLEAN OUR DISHES.

"Umm, I dunno what Patrick was doing with this in the bathroom ... *pause*... but he had it in there and it looks like he was scrubbing something pretty hard with it."

Sure enough, the bristles on the brush had been grotesquely bent from their previously healthy, upright position. Aggh! We could only imagine the horrors this innocent little scrub-brush had been exposed to in the bathroom.

Now, before I go on, a little background information is needed. Patrick is from China. His real name isn't even Patrick, but something that we supposedly can't pronounce. Because of the cultural differences, he does things ... differently... than we, in America, are accustomed to doing. And we understand that things might be different. That's okay! BUT it does not excuse using our wonderful little dish cleaner for something as vile and wretched as cleaning the freaking bathroom!

Plus, who's to say that the brush hadn't been in use previously, say, to get the gunky stuff off from around the base of the toilet? Then maybe a few hours later I use that SAME brush to wash my dinner plate. How many times might something like that have happened!?

We tried not to think about it to much, and just threw the brush into the back of the cupboard under the sink. There it will reside forever, unused, with an old towel and some crusted-over dish soap.

Rest in peace, little guy.



  1. Even though you already told me this story, I still barfed in my mouth a little when I read this. That picture is so disturbing...

  2. That's gross and funny. Sounds like you should have a scrub brush in the bathroom and kitchen, so this kind of sharing doesn't occur again. *shudder*

  3. Lesson learned! You're right, Mimi, we should have a brush in both areas.

  4. I got a Google Ad for Scrubbing Bubbles at the bottom of this post :)

  5. Why are you so bent out of shape? What's wrong with that?