Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hip Hop Loves the 80's

Check this out:

First off, try to look past the gay pirate that so flamboyantly begs you to "get a little bit closer". I love this song, but hate this video. Why? Because there's "weird" and then there's "80's weird" and this video is a typical case of the latter. The song, however, reminds me of "The Wedding Singer" - one of the greatest Sandler movies ever made - and, therefore, deserves some merit.

Now check this out!

This artist, Flo Rida, has excellent taste in music (obviously). He has chosen a gem of the 80's for his brand new hit single - giving us something new and exciting on the outside, and warm and familiar in the middle. It's the ultimate pastry equivalent to the music industry! YEAH!



  1. Ha ha...80s videos are hilarious. I don't care too much for the Flo Rida remake, though...

    "The Wedding Singer" was hands down Sandler's best movie.

  2. Gay pirates, color guard, fairy dust, and makeup - this is a homosexual rights campaign video.

  3. Laura H, I think Punch Drunk Love and Spanglish were better, but The Wedding Singer places a sure third.

  4. Barry, you were always the first person I remember that truly liked 80s music. Way to stick you yo gunz dawg.