Monday, March 23, 2009

Spying on Cars!

On our way down to Hurricane, Utah this weekend, I decided to test myself by taking pictures of the cars on the opposite side of the freeway. Capturing a sharp image of something that is moving 160mph (relative to me) is a feat! Especially when you're limited to a shutter speed of 1/250 in the evening light. I began to realize, after the first few pictures, that I had about half a second to pan the camera as the car sped by us. Once I started getting more and more cars, though, it became a bit of a sick little spy game to see what people in the other cars were doing. Were they picking their noses? Were they arguing? Were they laughing?

Sadly, not one of my pictures involved anybody doing anything interesting. People, while they drive, are not at all fun to watch. Go figure. Here's a collage of their dullness...

As you can see, Americans love white, grey, and silver cars. I must have passed on 50 or so more similarly colored cars to get the pictures of the red and blue ones you see above.

The sharpest of all was this picture:

At first glance it looks like some regular Joe driving a green mini-van, right? Look closer. Notice the body damage on the car - likely the result of a collision at the end of a 4 hour high speed chase with the cops. The mud on the body behind the tires says he takes back roads - probably a drug runner.

Oh yeah. In the closeup, you can see that this guy has a mustache and wears a camo hat. Total drug runner.

He's also kidnapped a blonde lady with a ponytail.

It's likely back to prison for this bad boy, but we'll see him again on the streets in 4-6 years (with good behavior) where he'll get right back into his crazy, green mini-van driving antics.



  1. lol- that is awesome. i bet his name is Percy or something like that...

  2. You totally pegged it! Or
    Perhaps he's a coyote?

  3. I drove past Hurricane this weekend, that's actually me and my husband! haha what are the odds?