Friday, May 15, 2009

Default Sounds are for Suckas!

I was going through my music today and found something that made me laugh...

With most computers, when you boot up (or turn on the computer) you hear something like this:

There was a time, though, when the default start up noise wasn't good enough for me. I wanted something better - something that set my computer apart from the others. So, I opened up Adobe Audition (an audio editing program) and an hour or so later had this:

LOL! It reminds me of the episode of the office where Andy makes a ring tone on his computer at home by recording all of the vocals to "Rockin' Robin."



  1. LOL that's awesome, Barry! I remember that episode from "The Office" too. Did you see the season finale?

  2. HA! I love it!!! You need to make me another cool ring tone! Remember the one you made a few years ago? The movie announcer guy one?

  3. You and your crazy creative...things! You da bes!!