Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Sandwiches

A few months ago I bought some "mini toasts" from walmart. It was one of those purchases that you make because at the time your head is spinning with all these great ideas about what you could do with it, ya know? I planned on buying all these exotic cheeses, fancy hummus..es, and a variety of other delicious (and expensive) toppings for my (in my best British accent) "delightful little mini toasts."

Yeah, well, reality sets in and you realize you don't have a lot of money for these "fancy" ideas of yours. So you end up making little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

They looked better than they tasted. :)



  1. they're like PB&J sliders! yumm!

  2. Gross. I could have told you that. You should have just sloshed some croutons around in a bowl with some pbj.

  3. Did you serve tea at your tea party too or just your petite little sammies?
    Did you pretend you were a giant while you were eating them?

  4. ooo, mini toasts are deceiving. they look awesome but they're way hard, like croutons. meh.