Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock Canyon Water at Sunset

I went up to Rock Canyon tonight just as the sun was setting and fired away. My only lament was that I didn't bring a tripod. With a tripod I could have left the shutter open for a second or two and gotten that really silky look.

All in all, I like how these turned out. :)



  1. super duper

    (you always make me want to do more photography)

    good job

  2. i'm jealous of your mad photography skillz. boo

    also, the word verifier is abibo- a bee bo! remember when you guys would get your hair cut short? hehe

  3. Amazing pics! We'll have to add you to our blog list as well. I've read your blog a few times and have been very entertained! We are planning a get together soon--Jake and Mel will be here in July so plan on either the 10th, 11th, or 12th. I'll let you know the actual date soon. It was good to hear from you!