Sunday, May 3, 2009

When It's Overcast, Take Pictures!

Boy, do I love taking pictures on overcast days. Colors that would normally be washed out by the sun stay rich and vibrant, making conditions perfect for a photographer. I had a chance to run down to the Jordan River trail after church today and take advantage of the cloudiness. Much photographic euphoria ensued...

This cow posed for just a split second before backing away and mooing it's cranky little head off. Pretty soon, every damn cow in the field was mooing. You'd have thought I was barbecuing one of their comrades by the ruckus they were making.

Fuzzy little tuft of something...

Reeds like feathers growing from the river's edge.

Quaint little stream meets quaint little beer bottle. Welcome to Lehi, Utah.


Flowers are remarkable on cloudy days. These tulips are in my parents' back yard.

The sunset was an explosion of cotton candy. It made for excellent light. This picture, though, was not actually taken tonight, but a few days ago. (Notice how green the grass is. Dad does an excellent job of maintaining that lawn.)


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  1. Pretty. :) I really like the cow and tulip pictures.