Monday, June 1, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

At first glance the words, "Pierre Robert" might make you think back to those awful commercials in the 80's for "International House Coffee" wherein a group of women at a table reminisce about their adventures in France by shouting, in unison, some french guy's name. "Celebrate the moments of your life!" (Remember that commercial?)

Pierre Robert, though, is actually the name of the cheese pictured above, and is easily one of the greatest cheeses I've ever eaten. My mom and I found it in Pirate O's - a specialty foods store in Sandy (For those of you familiar with Trader Joes, it's pretty much the same thing. Even the name sounds alike!)

PR (as I've decided to call it) is a mildly aromatic, but not stinky, semi-soft cheese - almost to the point of spreadable. It's velvet texture is complimented well by a rich, buttery flavor that has a very slight tartness in the finish. I like eating it with a slice of dry salami, on a cracker, or by itself.

For those of you cheese lovers that are hungry to expand your culinary horizons, I very much recommend Pierre Robert. In fact, why don't you celebrate the moments of your life with it? (cue 80's tune)



  1. oooh, quiero experimentarlo. amo queso con nombre francés.
    y cuídate, pues mi hermano es como cochino eses días.

  2. i do love me a good cheese. that sounds delicious.
    on mine and emily's one year anniversary, i took her to this Austrian restaurant in downtown slc. as a result we now both have a new favorite cheese: raclette. it's like gruyere but a little bit stronger. it's the ultimate fondue cheese. absolutely friggin amazing.

  3. Very nice -- bring some PR over and we'll class up the ping pong tournament!