Thursday, June 25, 2009

Set in Stone

The city of Kenniwick, North Dakota honored me yesterday with a statue. A few months ago I saved their mayor from a pack of wild dogs and subsequently put out an orphanage fire with only a blanket.

I flew out yesterday for the ceremony and was back last night in time for dinner. This is the statue:

They did an excellent job of capturing my heroic personality, no?


P.S. During the ceremony, a large meteorite came crashing from the sky and would have likely destroyed the small town. Luckily, I was able to pick up a nearby trash can lid and deflect it back into space.


  1. Barry, you are out of control. Cool though, about the statue.

    I heard from a friend you are amazing at mass deflections. I bet the trash can lid was pretty bend up afterward, but you were able to fix that up in a jiffy.

    Where's the big Alaska post?

  2. Barry, you are so statuesque, but with a heart as hard as stone.

  3. that's the coolest ever

    i'm with merilee...didn't you go to alaska sometime? :)