Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some thoughts on last week...

When I was in the airport yesterday, I saw a guy walk up to an old lady and ask if the seat next to her was taken. The old lady was reading a book and didn't even look up, but just replied with a, "No, Ma'am. You can sit here." Priceless.

Yeah, I felt a little bad for the "guy" but I'd put a hundred bucks on the fact that the "guy" was actually a woman who was going through gender reassignment or something because that was NOT a man's voice. "He" wore a plaid shirt and jeans and work boots as if to convince the world that "he" was the most manliest male lumberjack man in the world.


For the first three days of our cruise to Alaska last week I had "I'm on a Boat" stuck in my head.

For the last three days, I had Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Thanks for both songs go out to my little bro, Tyler. :)

(Seriously, though, that cruise went from a 8.4/10 to an 11/10 because of Tyler's hilarious personality)


Saw Twilight.

Acting was made-for-tv awful. Effects weren't as bad as I imagined they would be. Cinematography was pathetic. Does that girl ALWAYS have to look pissed off? Good hell, it's no wonder only the vampires like her.

I give it one star for scenes of some cinematographic promise and slight lead-actress-hotness.


Tomorrow I'll post pictures and the like. :)



  1. hahaha, i didn't get it at first - and THEN i realized it was a man - "no ma'am" -that's great!

    i'm excited for pics :)

  2. oh i wish dad would have told us you guys were going when he bought your tickets because then we would have gone with you instead of going to california! you guys are all so funny! can't wait for pictures!

    and wasn't Twilight hilarious?! I keep telling Andrew we should see it when he's in the mood for a comedy!

  3. Barry, next time get the wi-fi and bring the laptop, good times could be had by all!
    Keep the good stuff coming, I see a book in the making.

  4. Ok, so I GET the "I'm on a boat" reference... but am still illuded by the Rick Astley one. Help?