Monday, July 6, 2009

Alaska Pics!

Seattle, Washington was where our boat dis-en-land-ed itself. Nautical terms are very strange like that. Don't question my vocabulary.

Tyler ponders the mysteries of the ocean.

Settling in to our luxurious cabin.

This is Juneau, Alaska. It's the smallest capitol city I've ever seen. Literally, it would fit in the palm of your hand. Provided you're the size of Alaska.

I must have seen a hundred of these planes land and take off in the duration of the cruise. They're everywhere!

We toured a Salmon Hatchery in Juneau and, sadly, the stuffed bear was the most exciting part of the whole thing. At least he smiled for the camera.

After the hatchery, we went out to the Mendenhall Glacier. It was the first glacier I'd ever seen and it was stunning! (Click on the picture to see the larger version)

YES! A real bear! We were on our way to the shorefront of the lake and found this little guy digging in the grass! He was adorable!

The next town on our stop was Skagway, Alaska. Notice the sign that says, "Begin." How cryptic...

Alaskan flowers. Tight.

In Skagway we took a train up to White Pass. The guy in the far right of this picture stood there for the entire duration of the trip, filming. I felt really sorry for his friends and family that must endure hell every time he shows a home movie.

As we rose higher, a thick fog crept closer and closer.

Old, broken bridge + atmospheric fog makes for a great picture.

Fractured arctic lake near the top of the pass.

What's this? Another bear!? Yes! This guy was peeking out from the bushes as the train passed by.

That evening, we were presented with a great sunset ay.

Everyone came up on deck to enjoy the view.

The following morning we woke up in Endicott Fjord. This eagle was enjoying breakfast on the rocks.

These seals were a couple among hundred that we saw that day.

This iceberg got stuck at low tide.

At the end of the fjord was a massive glacier. Apparently, those who had binoculars could see massive chunks of ice breaking off into the water.

Fellow cruisers off on the horizon.

Another shot of our cabin.

Ketchikan was very pretty, but we didn't really do anything there. Just took pictures.

Getting back on the boat...

This is the backside of our ship. (Taken when we docked in Victoria, BC)

We went on a tour of haunted locations in Victoria (including this graveyard.) It's supposedly Canada's most haunted city.

This was our hippie tour guide. He told interesting stories but kept trying to apologize for how boring and/or unbelievable the stories were. Definitely needs to work on his storytelling skills.

The headstones were gorgeous.

And this one was crooked.

Victoria was full of great architecture. I'd like to go back sometime.



  1. Awesome! I'm glad you finally posted pictures...I don't know that I need to keep telling you - but your pictures always rock - good job

  2. that's a cruise I'd definitely take again!

  3. Barry, you have an incredible eye for photography. The pictures are just beautiful.

  4. I can not begin to tell you how incredibly green with envy I am over your trip, and the fact that you've seen two bears.

    Fantastic pictures, though! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Barry,
    Can I just tell you, WOW!!!!! Your pics are awesome. I am also very jealous of your day that will be me going on that cruise:) bro even lives in Kethcikan(spelling???).