Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Behold, Our Spoils

Sometimes you find really amazing stuff when you go dumpster diving, but most of the time you find things like this:

One (1) flaming skull painting guaranteed to make the woman of your dreams swoon at your incredible taste. Eight (8) juice cartons that, by the date on the box, are good to drink till March of 2010. And a WWE trading card collection.

My favorite card? This guy:

His face looks like it was photoshopped on, but the beauty of it all is that is wasn't! It's just his awful beard that makes his head look fake. Plus, his pseudo gang sign not only fails to make him look tough, but actually makes it appear, at first glance, that he has deformed mini-hands. Matt Hardy? Pshht. More like Matt Hardly...



  1. I think it looks like he's pinching his own nipples.

    Do you remember that time you, Steve, and I went dumpster diving and came back with hoards of bread? We gave a bunch of it to my roommates and told them it was from the store. :)

  2. What!? No twinkies?? I can't see the pic! I need to see the pic! AND the flaming skull!

  3. Truly Barry, an amazing haul. I am so jealous. Your luck springs eternal.

    Ps. I had no idea you actually read my blog, glad you enjoyed it.

  4. hmmm....i dig the flames ...haha