Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dirty Black Lexus

Last night I was driving some friends home from a night spent playing Boom Blox. I was dropping off Steve, who lives only a few blocks from our apartment, when a black Lexus SUV raced by us. Immediately afterward we were jolted with a large "BAM!" on the roof of my car. Rivulets of water poured down my windshield and windows - a telltale sign of a water balloon attack.

"Oh, they did NOT just do that!"

"Did they just hit us with a water balloon?" Somebody asked in the back.

"Yeah." I threw the car into reverse. "We're gonna mess their &$%* up." (I didn't actually swear here, but love saying tough-ass things when I have no intentions of doing anything tough)

My Bonneville swung around lethargically, rocking and groaning like an old boat, and as I shifted into drive, I noticed they were already rounding the corner a few blocks ahead. At that moment I realized that old bonnie had no place in this chase. I was a manatee chasing a dolphin. And while that dolphin had just smacked me on the back with it's mischevious little tail, I knew that there was nothing I could do about it.

"Anyone get the license plate number?" Steve asked. Everybody replied in the negative.

I didn't really know why I wanted to catch them. We had nothing to throw at them. I certainly wasn't going to yell at them or be angry about it. To me they were just having a good time. It reminded me of a time when Steve, our friend Brian, and I decided to throw some orange rolls into the back of a Jeep as they passed us in traffic. We'd found the rolls a few hours earlier in the dumpster of the Provo Bakery and didn't know what to do with them. When the gooey, sticky rolls landed in their nice ride, they angrily spun the car around and pursued us in a full fledged rage. I didn't blame them then and I don't blame them now. When your car is bombarded with something foreign, you want to punish the bombarders.

The funny thing about last night is that a few minutes later, after having dropped everyone off, Scott and I saw the same Lexus pass us. I discreetly turned around - laughing at our great fortune - and followed them till we were close enough to get their license plate number. They must have recognized us then, though, because they sped off in a hurry - evasively swerving down side roads until they disappeared from view.

We've got the number though. We'll find the car. Revenge will be sweet. :)


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  1. I want to start a band, just so I can call it Dirty Black Lexus!
    Oh, you boys and your testosterone driven shenanigans!