Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 9

District 9 is the action movie I've been waiting for all summer. It's got big guns, great effects, and suspense that'll make you wish you hadn't downed that 128 oz. Super Cola before the movie started. On top of that, the aliens are incredibly realistic and well animated. Their expressions and mannerisms are very human, which makes the movie.

District 9 transcends other action / sci-fi thrillers of the year, though, in that beneath the grit, grime, and gore the plot tackles a very serious issue - that of man's ceaseless inhumanity to those who are not like himself. These themes are explored primarily through the actions of the main character (Wikus van der Merwe) as we watch him, documentary style, while he goes about his work with a company that has successfully bid for the task of removing millions of aliens from their current slum (District 9) to a "better" camp. Wilkus begins the movie as a very anti-alien, witless human and ends the movie as almost the complete and entire opposite.

The movie's ending makes you doubt whether or not the aliens are even truly aliens... I can't say any more concerning that without seriously spoiling the movie for those who have not yet seen it, so I'll stop there.

Let it be known that this movie is very rated R. I don't recommend taking the kids to see it, nor the squeamish wife. The blood / splatter factor is comparable to a serious war movie like "Saving Private Ryan" with the disturbing hate violence seen in movies like "Hotel Rwanda." Vulgarity is an issue as well, as the f bomb is dropped probably 100+ times. There is absolutely no sex or inappropriate romance in the movie, though, with the exception of a few references to slang terms for sex acts.

With that said, I seriously recommend it to those who can handle it for it's insights into meaningful issues, excellent effects, and realism among other things. It's comparison to movies like "Hotel Rwanda" and "Saving Private Ryan" is fitting in that beneath the excessive gore and violence, there are valuable themes to be studied and lessons to be learned.



  1. So, I've really been out of the loop because I haven't even heard about this movie at all. Your review totally makes me want to see it, though.

  2. Dude I can't wait to see it!!!!!