Sunday, August 30, 2009

Onto the Roof Again

It's been five days since I last blogged - far too long, in my opinion.

I thought I'd share some random pictures with you that were taken this evening.

It was very dusty today. The valley was obscured with dust and smoke from local fires.

The sunset was spectacular through the grime, though, so I crawled out on the roof to get these pictures:

This guy kept me company:

Thought I'd get a self portrait while I was up there. Setting the timer and running on the apex of the roof was a thrill!

This is actually a composition of two pictures of clouds I took while up there. I thought it turned out really cool, though, so I posted it.

So, yeah, some fun on the roof again. :)



  1. oooh! looks like you've got a secret admirer!

    anyway, onto my REAL comment- the picture of you on the roof reminds me of the time you slept walked and ran on the roof! remember that?!

    great picture of the sun too! it looked so cool and we couldn't see it that well, so i'm glad you got these pictures!

  2. Awesome pics, Barry. Glad you didn't fall off the roof. Eep!