Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lightning Again

In the wake of a wonderful summer thunderstorm, I crawled out onto the roof of my parents' house to take some pictures of the storm as it traveled across the west side of the valley. My goal was to shoot some lightning, but the flashes were few and far between. This gave me ample time to consider a situation in which a cop might see me up there and ask me what I was doing.

"Oh, just shooting some lightning." I'd reply with a nervous laugh.

"I don't see any lightning." The cop would pull out his maglite and shine it up into my face, blinding me instantly. "Why don't you tell me what you're really doing up there. You like taking pictures of people?"

I'd stumble over, blinded by the light, and fall off the roof, knocking myself unconscious. He's call for an ambulance, and as a crowd gathered to ask what was going on, he'd reply with a casual, "Just another pervert taking pictures of his neighbors."

I'd wake up in jail a few days later with amnesia. And...

Whoa. Was that lightning? I'd missed a perfect shot. This saddened me greatly, but I was satisfied to catch this one a few moments later - my only shot of the night.

(Click on the picture for the larger version)



  1. i ♥ lightening pics

    i'm glad you aren't a peeping tom


  2. Ooh, love the purple!! Maybe I'll have to climb up there. How to you get over to the west side of the roof??