Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Book of Love

If you love the show "Scrubs" you'll love this. Even if you've never seen it or you just think it's okay, you'll love this. It's the finale to the last episode and, in true "Scrubs" fashion, does an excellent job of making you laugh while simultaneously pulling at your heart. In the part when he walks by the people he remembers, there is a plethora of inside jokes that would probably be amazing if you'd watched the show religiously, so I didn't get most of them. Nevertheless, the ending is worth it all.

I really liked it. The song is amazing. Enjoy. :)

(You MUST watch till the end!)



  1. I love "Scrubs". The last few seasons kind of felt like they were beating a dead horse, but a great show nonetheless (and yes...I got all of the inside jokes). I loved the whole looking-into-the-future montage to the tune of Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love". Very touching.

  2. I adore that song! I'm so glad they used it. Scrubs is the best. (I have a crush on J.D.)

  3. scrubs is by far one my very favorite shows. you'd definitely appreciate it. and yes, i loved the ending and i totally cried. im such a sucker for zach braff.