Monday, September 7, 2009

More Weekends like This!

Oh, man... what a great weekend! It began with a late night of Guitar Hero 5 at Justin's place (sorry, no pictures), rumbled on with the spectacular win by BYU over Oklahoma, and finished last night with a great end-of-summer party and celebration for Shannon's birthday with family.

A checkered tablecloth, tons of great food, and the late afternoon sun through the trees in the backyard. Nothing compliments the flavor of a perfectly cooked burger like the taste of the cool, late-summer air in your face and the smell of a freshly cut lawn under foot.

I try to smile with a mouthful of burger as Shan catches us off guard. On my left is my brother in law, Andrew, and on my right his brother, Nate.

Steve and Ashlyn are certainly happy. They've just moved in to their first home!

Late summer barbecues aren't complete without a football. Here, the boys struggle for the ball in a game of fly's up. (From left to right: My brother, Tyler. My cousin, Ryan. My cousin, Chad. My brother, Steve.)

Shan blows the candles out as we celebrate her birthday. It was a delicious cake.

My parent's home is decorated in full cougar regalia. I had the honor of scrambling up the roof to "light the Y".

May you all enjoy these last days of summer!



  1. Barry,

    I lost my phone along with all numbers. I googled your name found your blog. I hope that isn't weird but call me asap. Wally 801-735-9370. Our first frisbee game is tomorrow, tuesday the 7th 7:15pm, at the fields across fromt byu stadium. We will be there almost half an hour early to warm up and go over a few things. Doom Divers: wear a red shirt, be freshly shaven, bring an ID and your $20 bucks. We have a really awesome team this year. I look forward to seeing your mad skills on the field tomorrow. thanks man

  2. That is beyond awesome that your parents have their own personal Y on their roof. :) Jeff is still excited about Saturday's game. He keeps telling me about it like I didn't watch the ending, too. It's cute though. :) That football picture is really cool. And I got a chuckle from the mouth-full-of-food picture. We've all been there! Sigh. The end of summer is upon us.