Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fighting a Virus

I spent a handy little chunk of change on this last night...

...with the hopes that it would miraculously eradicate my cold. It says it's clinically proven to drastically reduce the duration of your cold. It also asks you to drink plenty of fluids. What is it about fluids that makes your cold go away? We've been told since we were kids that you need plenty of rest and fluids. You drink lots of water, eat soupy things with chicken in them, consume teas with names like "Raspberry Sunshine" and "Citrus Starlight" ... but why? Do you expel the virus when you pee?

I decided the internet would best answer my question. I could have chosen WebMD, or - both valid, knowledgeable databases of health information. I decided, though, on Yahoo Answers - the "homeless-man-who-knows-everything" of the internet.

I typed in "When sick, why do people say drink a lot of fluids?"

A few of my favorite answers (no corrections made to their posts):

Engrishman says: "the fluids can be swallowed easily, and there may not be digesion problem and the bad items, ill-bactiria will go out thr' urine and the other for which easy digesion and more water necessary. As the fluid contains major water and hence it is best suggested and in vogue."

WatsPunctuation says: "Because when you are sick you lose fluid through sweating from a fever and not eating because you don't feel well if you don't keep fluids in your system you will dehydrate and then you will have even bigger problems. Drink drink drink"

Apparently I'm in danger of being dehydrated. It sounds to me like that info applies more to a flu than a cold, but I'll err on the side of caution.



  1. Nothing better than to be "in vogue" when you are sick. Get better soon bro.

  2. Regardless of liquid intake... I'm glad you pulled yourself out of bed last night and came to the party! I'm happy you're feeling better!!

    PS- My theory: I think the sick have to drink a lot of liquids because "Victor-The-Virus" is notorious for being a binge drinker. He likes to suck your body dry! As soon as his thirst is queched (I hear he likes OJ the best) he'll leave! Just like that! So, think of it as a game the next time you get sick.

  3. Mike, thanks for the well wishes. We need to hike this week.

    Katt, your logic is impeccable. You need to take that to a scientific journal.

  4. I think colds drain you through your nose..depending on how gushy you are. So you should hydrate for that reason.

    Also, I heard drinking water is always important. However, when you feel crappy you need to be reminded to do it more often because who wants to drink water when they feel like crap? Nobody. That's who.