Thursday, October 29, 2009

I try not to hate...

But I thought I'd share some pet peeves with you anyway.

One: If YoU aRe OvEr ThE aGe oF 14 yOu ShOuLd NEVER tYpE lIkE tHiS!

This is something a thirteen year old girl does when she first discovers the shift key. It's an exciting day for her. If you are a grown woman and you type like this, I feel sorry for you. You probably brag about wearing your teenage daughters clothes. You still obsess over your popularity in high school. Your fake tan and mani-pedi take precedence over the well-being of your children who are, in your shallow eyes, only extensions of your popularity. Grow the hell up!

Two: Consider the sketch below...

I'm turning left. Moron there is turning right. Moron has the right of way, so I time my left turn according to when Moron will have turned right, allowing me to swing in behind him. It's a very efficient plan until Moron sees me beginning to turn left and freaks out and stops. I'm like "MORON! Go! You have the right of way!" Meanwhile, traffic is closing in and I'm out in the middle of the street, which forces me into going ahead of Moron, making me look like a traffic jerk.

If you have the right of way in this situation, GO!

That is all for now.

Thank you. :)



  1. I cOuLdN't AgReE mOrE! StUpId DrIvErS!!!!

  2. hahahaha, i love the pet peeves - but most of all, i like the sketches

  3. Yes. Clever, Shannon. :)

    Brit, I'll try sketching more. I think sketching allows me to communicate my ideas in a way that writing can't.

  4. How do you sketch online?? many dumb drivers!! I agree!

  5. I don't like angry Barry! So scared.

  6. That EXACT same thing happened to me a couple days ago when I was trying to turn left! grrr....