Sunday, November 8, 2009

Booby Traps

It's fun, when you find the right materials, to set up booby traps in your house. Nothing dangerous or deadly. Just fun things to scare somebody. The other day, for example, I happened to find one of those semi-firework-ish noisemaker things (typically used on New Years Eve and other parties) and decided that I would tape it behind the door in Scott's bathroom. He's got a hook thing on the wall that practically begs to have an explosive device taped to it. I rigged it up so that the string would pull out when he closed the door to use the bathroom, causing the explosion to go off and (possibly) causing an early bowel movement. Once it was all in place I stood there and laughed, amazed by my ingenuity and the hilarity that would surely ensue when he closed the door.

Later that day he walked into the bathroom. I held my breath and waited for the expected BANG, but as he closed the door I heard only the familiar sound of tape ripping away from a failed booby trap. BAH.

Booby traps are still fun to make, even if they don't always work. :)



  1. Bummer it didn't work, but I still laughed.

  2. Ahhhh the adrenaline rush that comes from scaring the crap out of others. lol. As a kid booby traps were my favorite pastime. (I would never do them as an adult though - that would just be weird)

    My all time favorite was a bucket balanced at an angle on the top of a slightly opened door. One nail to the wall - a string to the handle - and a perfect set up was all I'd need. I thought filling that bucket with every sharp toy imaginable was a good idea, and then I called my unsuspecting sister into the room. OH BOY DID I GET IN TROUBLE.

    I think that may be worth trying on one of your roommates.... :)

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