Sunday, November 1, 2009

From American Indian to Zombie

I was recently thinking back on all the things I've been for Halloween and thought it would be fun to share old pictures. As I scoured our old photo albums, I found that not all Halloweens were documented. I don't blame anybody. Taking pictures back then was a lot harder. You had to find the camera. You had to make sure you had batteries. You had to make sure film was loaded. If the moment arrived and one of these ingredients were missing, you were out of luck. We, the children, didn't want to wait for mom to go buy film. It was Halloween! We needed to be on the streets! We had loot to collect!

Nonetheless, I'm very happy to find the pictures I did. Great memories...

Enjoy the pictures...

1983, my friends. What's crazy is that I distinctly remember this moment. I remember the Halloween party I went to. I remember wishing I could keep the present in my hands.

Cottonwood, AZ. 1986-ish. Shannon - a ballerina. Me - a vampire. Steve - an Indian.

Whenever I smell spray paint I STILL think of this costume! Oh, I loved my robot costume.
Also, notice that Steve is an Indian again. This is the first of many "costume repeats" for Steve. :)

Those clown feet were inflatable - awesome, but doomed from the beginning. They lasted all of four houses.

The headless horseman! My favorite costume of all time! My Mom is a genius for putting it together. Notice Steve's repeat of the wolf man. He LOVED that costume.

Shannon as a cat (again), Steve as a vampire, and AYE the pirate. (Get it? Eh?)

Costumes were kept in a box in the basement, so what one person was the previous year, another would be the next year, only with an added touch. You'll notice that Shan's clown costume is much more elaborate. Steve pulls the pirate off, but adds a beard (tough) and a gold chain (meets classy.)

1993. None of us had any idea of how often Steve repeated costumes. This is redicul/hilari ous! Check out my sweet braided leather belt. Damn, the 90's looked good!

And speaking of looking good, that year was Tyler's first Halloween. Isn't he adorable?

Yes, our cloaks were made from trash bags. Genius (and cheap) way to do it, but noisy when you're prowling the night.
One of the last years I trick or treated. I'm not sure what I was going for, but I look like Cramer with an axe. My good friend, Scott Lloyd, is pictured next to me.

This must have been junior year of high school because I'm rockin' my running tights (*shudder*)

Halloween 2004. Steve and I were lumberjacks. We ate at Denny's that night and much to our horror two dudes straight out of the trailer park (NOT DRESSED UP) walk in with their little ones and the little boy asks his dad "Daddy, why are those guys dressed like you?" Aggh!

2007. The Rocker. Confession: I loved wearing eyeliner. It does wonders for accentuating the eyes.

Last night. Took me 40 minutes to do my latex wounds but they looked GOOD!

And there you have it. A tour of Halloween through Barry's life!



  1. LOL i had no idea steve repeated his costume so often! What fun pictures!

  2. This was an awesome post! I wish I had so many flashback pictures of my Halloween costumes.

    Nice job :)

  3. I Love the picture of ty's first halloween he looked so happy. from that pic you would never guess we would have grown into the stubburn lovable teddy bear he is today

  4. i remember halloween 2004! i loved the story about denny's. def one of my favs:)

  5. You were the cutest little Indian ever! You were also the creepiest vampire ever. Loved the pics!

  6. Very nice Barry. Every year you were creative..course we all know you're a creative genius.

    I do remember your HWS costume. I'll bet that wig got hot, no matter how great the eyeliner felt.

    This year, best ever. Every year, better and better.

  7. Ahhh, I trip down memory lane! Thanks Barry! I was a costuming genius.

  8. I absolutely LOVED the Halloween throughout the years pics. What wonderful childhood memories.

    Halloween costumes were handed down in my family, too. I can recall fighting over the unicorn costume with my older sister one year. lol

  9. Those were funny Mr. Cann. Gracias for sharing!

  10. Very, very impressive latex wounds. Definitely worth the time it took.

  11. Just happened upon your blog Barry...lo and behold...there is Scottie Boy dressed in his dad's shirt...I'm still laughing!

  12. Cathy! Welcome! Those were good times :)