Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pics from The Game

Pictures from the 26-23 victory over the U of U on Saturday night....

Tyler walks toward LaVell Edwards Stadium as we head to the game.

Andrew and Shannon just before the game began.

Two classy Utah fans sat near us. They were so dejected after the game.

The stadium was absolutely packed.

The winning helicopter. :)

Ashlyn and Steve sat across the stadium, so I called him on his cell, we found each other, and I asked him to smile in my direction for a few seconds. It turned out nicely!

Tyler wasn't so far away, but was just as cooperative. Sadly, Dad was nowhere to be found when this picture was taken.

Stormed the field when the Cougars scored. Absolutely euphoric.

Shook hands with Brian Kariya. Told him he'd had a great season. His response, "Really? Well, thank you!"

Andrew George in the post-game interview. Had the opportunity to shake his hand as well.



  1. remember when i thought that they had left out the B when the U and the Y helicopters few past? Oh boy, did I feel dumb after that one! LOL

    great game though!

  2. so jealous you got to go! i did enjoy watching the game with warm toes though, i will admit. :o)