Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Nice shoes, man...?"

I was perusing through the latest issue of Popular Mechanics tonight - a magazine that consistently impresses me with it's plethora of fresh, scientific knowledge and the occasional speculation into the dealings of the future.

Well, in the course of my perusal I came upon this ad:

(Click on it to see the larger version)

At first glance, it's an unassuming offer to buy some really great no-name brand shoes that supposedly turn your feet into rocket boosters (metaphorically speaking of course) and completely remove fatigue and pain from your life! ...but upon further examination of the logo, one notices something else entirely.


Call me crazy, but SOMETHING tells me they're marketing this to the same guys that take Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, or anything else you should ask your doctor about...

That, or this is the WORST logo design in the HISTORY of MANKIND!

Your thoughts?



  1. HAHAHAHA! That's awesome! Whoever thought up that logo is my hero. I mean, really. How did that get past quality control? What is it supposed to imply? That those shoes make you move as fast as sperm? I'm familiar with the term "Sex sells" but that's more like "sex cells."

  2. Before I got to your comment about the logo, I had clicked on the picture to enlarge it, and I too noticed the logo and had a WTF moment. Seriously, I'm not too sure how it is I am supposed to react to that.

  3. An 8th graders graphic-design project. lol. Impressive.

  4. LOL.. maybe the designers are really good swimmers!

  5. hahaha, I cannot top any of the hilarious comments! They look like something the super-hero in a sex ed. video would wear!