Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ramblin' Man

I recently (13 minutes ago) recommitted to the goal of writing in my blog at least once every two days. I've realized that if I don't make/strive to keep this goal, the blog starves. It gets stale like the box of frosted mini wheats (gross) that have been decomposing in my cupboard for three months now - a relic of a fleeting attempt to eat healthy. I don't want my blog to be stale, bland, fibrous. I want a healthy, nutritious blog. Something like a fresh box of fruity pebbles. Thus, the goal.

I'm also changing the blog's name soon. I'd like some help from all of you as to what I should call it, though. I don't need anything tied to my name, i.e. "A Barry (insert adjective here) Blog." And it doesn't really have to be anything clever, even. If you have any ideas - nothing that takes more than a few seconds of thought - throw them down in the comments. I'd really appreciate it. :) I'm thinking along the lines of common sense. I'm pretty commonly sensical. Popsicle.

They don't really rhyme, do they? I know. I've been working hard on my rhymes, though, so I can break through as the first white, mo-mo, late 20's, skilled, suburban rapper. Emphasis on skilled. Guys like this guy and this guy do NOT represent. AGGHH... painful!

Peace to yo mutha...



  1. Good job, the blog world starves as well when you don't blog.

    As for a name...I have no clue...

    you said it, you could call it: "The common sense popsicle" haha I don't know

  2. "Licorice-dispensing watch"

    "Musings as boring as a crawfish fight"

    "Spandau Barry (I know this much is true)"

    "Ding dong, ding dong yo"

    "Embarrassing...for most"

    Dude, blogs are tough to name. I'm sure you'll surprise us all with your creativity!

  3. Here's a few names to consider...

    The Mightier

    If the brain could eat it would consume these thoughts...

    What does "Blog" mean anyways?

    B to the logizzle

    The Diary of a not so angry not very black women... In fact I'm an even tempered white man...

  4. What about Ramblin' Man? It's catchy. If you like it, then it was my idea. If you don't, it was Damon's. :)